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Researching and providing independent advice to Europe’s leading companies.


When there are so many different paths and so much conflicting advice available, how do you make the best corporate decisions and plan your Next Generation HR and Learning stategies? You need to get a wider view and deeper insight than just speaking to suppliers. That’s where we come in. Fosway uniquely provides you with expert, independent advice that supports your key decisions, develop your strategy or accelerate your adoption of best practice. And like the Roman road we derive our name from, you’ll find that we are unusually direct. You can depend on us to tell you what you need to know to succeed.

With 20 years’ unique insight into corporate technology and innovation, Fosway is Europe’s #1 Next Generation HR and Learning analyst. We provide independent research and advice on key trends and the corporate realities of solutions, strategies, tools and processes in action. Our services deliver business critical insights on the most important aspects of Next Generation HR and Learning.  Typically, companies engage with us in three ways; through our independent advisory services, our deep research, and our exclusive corporate roundtables. Discover more about how we help our corporate clients below.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services adopt a pragmatic approach, tailoring what we do based on your particular needs and unique challenges. It might be that you don’t even know what you need! We’re ready to support you in finding the right approach, whatever that might look like. We work with some of the biggest companies in Europe on key areas. Next Gen HR topics include HR transformation, Cloud HCM and talent management. Next Gen Learning topics encompass LMS selection, managed learning and authoring strategies.


  • Market engagement and vendor selection
  • Defining corporate next generation HR and learning strategies
  • Business case development
  • Supporting organisational change
  • Critical review of current strategies and technologies
  • Solution ROI, impact and evaluation


Our research activities include perspectives from hundreds of Europe’s leading companies and corporate HR and learning practitioners. We run a continuous programme of corporate research using surveys, 1:1 profiling meetings, regular private corporate roundtable discussions and collaborative research projects with corporate experts into deep topic areas. Our focus is on providing pragmatic, actionable advice that helps you succeed. Find out how you can contribute and access our research.

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Corporate Research Network

Fosway’s exclusive Corporate Research Network (CRN) gives HR and learning practitioners unique access to insights, research and – most importantly – an unparalleled peer group that stretches across the globe. Members receive priority access to the latest research as well as the opportunity to shape the agenda and provide valuable input that can benefit the whole market. The CRN are also the first to be invited to our corporate roundtable events focused on in-depth discussion and networking on current topics in Next Generation HR and Learning.

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We know how expensive and time consuming research can be. Fosway continuously reviews solutions from all the key players of the HR technology, learning and talent markets to gain an unbiased insight into the solutions they provide. These deep insights help us create our unique Vendor Reports. The reports are invaluable whether you are assessing new options, re-evaluating existing solutions, keeping track of new products or re-affirming choices you’ve already made. They are the only in-depth, independent analysis of these solutions for organisations based in EMEA.

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